ASTOUCH Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.518110Riguardo a noi4F, North Bdg 1, MeiTai Hi-tech Park, Guanlan Str. 1231, Shenzhen, CinaASTOUCH, a leading manufacturer of interactive whiteboard, intelligent blackboard in China, was established in 2005. ASTOUCH Interactive Whiteboard, aims to provide solutions to meet diversified needs from customers all over the world. Any OEM is available. * The Astouch Interactive whiteboard advantages compared with other suppliers: 1. 4K UHD resolution, full viewing angle, anti-glare glass, MOHS 7 2. Super slim bezel, 40 points multi touch screen 3. Front 3* USB 3.0 port, 1*HDMI, and 1*touch, type C, DP, LAN IN AND LAN Out, etc., multiple connections 4. Android 8.0, 2GB RAM/16GB SSD and 4G RAM/32G SSD

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Modello chipset Amlogic311D2
Modello NOVA T982 Chipset Series
Modello video interactive whiteboard
Modello NOVA D Series
Modello NOVA Series
Modello NOVA S Pro Series
Modello NOVA S Series
Modello HisiV811 NOVA S Series
Modello A86-IWB Series
Modello IWB03 Series
Modello Electronic Whiteboard
Modello IWB03-65 Series
Modello AW001 Series
Modello FBW02 Series
Modello DQ01 Series

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